Updating my Anet A8 to the newest Marlin firmware

How you already know, I own a cheap 3d printer that is an Anet A8, a simple clone of a Prusa Mk2, that I use to, you know, 3d print stuffs. In the near future I would like to modify it and make it a little milling machine or a laser engraver and in order to do that I need to find some extra pins to drive these devices.

Pratical approach to binary exploitation

During the years I increased my interest in security, vulnerability and similar stuffs; although I’m fascinated by the theoretical approach from halvar flake, in this post I’ll try to summarize instead the pratical approach, i.e. the effective development of an exploit, probably the simplest possible in a desktop system.

Implementing Text mode for a VGA controller in Verilog

After having written about implementing a VGA controller in Verilog I wanted to improve it with a new functionality: the Text mode.

Single stepping an ATmega with a FPGA

As continuation of the post about the internals of the clock of an ATMega, I decided to test the possibilities of simulating a clock using a FPGA, in particular using my loyal mojo development board.

Resurrect an old vulnerability: CVE-2014-4699

With this post I want to accomplish a few objectives: