Control a SIGLENT oscilloscope with Python

I’m an happy owner of a SIGLENT SDS1102CML, a entry level digital oscilloscope with which I experiment when I do electronics.

Modern cryptography: exercises chapter 2

These are some solved exercises of chapter 2 of the book “Introduction to modern cryptography” by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell.

Implementing VGA interface with verilog

VGA stands for Video graphics array and it’s one of the most diffuse standard for video transmission; it roots its definition from the way old catodic tubes work: the image is constructed one lines at times, starting from the top and each line is displayed from the left to the right (by the way this is the reason for the Y axes orientation in graphics programming); physically this is done by an electron beam guided from some electromagnets internal to the screen that hit the pixels (?).

Create root filesystems for embedded systems

All is started from this link where a good boy shared some images in order to start to put hands on esotic architectures.

Writeup CTF RHME3: exploitation

Also this year there will be a CTF from Riscure mainly targeted for hardware security people, but before that, from the 8th of August until the 28th there was the qualification phase: three challenges to solve in order to qualify and to receive a physical board with the real challenges.