Attach images to a Django model without using database backed fields

In this post I want to create a model field that allows to manage derived images from a pre-existing field in the same model without using the database to store the path of the derived images but to derive it from a predefined convention.

ELF file format and a pratical study of the execution view

In the post about pratical approach to binary exploitation I talked of how an executable is a memory archive describing a (future) running process. In this post I want to study how this memory archive is loaded in memory in a Linux system, in particular my interest will be directed upon the most used format in *nix system, i.e. the Executable and linkage format (ELF); for other systems, different formats are used: for example the Mac OS X uses the Mach format and the Windows OS uses the PE format. It’s reasonable to say that each platform has its own format, and it’s the main reason of compatibility issue in running binaries between different architectures.

Resurrect an old vulnerability: CVE-2014-4699, part 2

I left you with a cliffhanger in a post last year and now I’ll continue the exploration in the rabbit hole I entered since.

From zero to hero

A couple of years ago a friend of mine asked me to take a look at a pico projector that he had bricked during an update. He hadn’t tried anything fancy or dangerous, he had simply used the internal functionality of the device. At that point in time the device was stuck in a bootloop with the Samsung logo as the only output from the projector.

Yocto: using U-Boot as bootloader with a RaspberryPi Zero

This is a guide about building and configuring a Yocto build for a raspberry pi zero with u-boot.