Reusing old shit: creating a BSP using Yocto for the Samsung Galaxy S (S5PV210)

In this post I’ll describe my esperiments in reusing my old Samsung Galaxy S; don’t expected anything sophisticated, it’s more a brain dump.

Reusing old shit: lcd screen

It’s happened in the past that someone gifted me of very old (and not working anymore) laptops that otherwise would have been thrown in the garbage; my idea for them was of reusing some parts that are more valuable: battery, disks, keyboards, etc…

Modern cryptography: exercises chapter 3 'Private-key encryption'

These are some solved exercises of chapter 3 of the book “Introduction to modern cryptography” (second edition) by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell. For chapter 2 go here.

Notes on JavaScriptCore

In this post I want to add some pratical notes (and maybe a new tool) to the paper from saelo about exploiting modern browsers; in particular I’ll focus on Webkit and as in his paper, I’ll deep dive into the source code of that version of webkit.

Configuring an IpSec VPN (fortigate client)

I was in need to have a working VPN with Fortigate and here I’m going to recollect the procedure that has permited to accomplish such simple but incredibly complex task.