Installing bootloader into ATMega328p

This is a standard thing to do with an ATMega328p, the core of the Arduino development board: burn a bootloader into it and then use a UART over USB connection to flash code into it.

Mojo FPGA development board

I have a new shiny toy, a Mojo V3 development board: it’s primarly intended as FPGA playground, but what’s this FPGA you are talking about?

Add unitests to a Django application

Suppose you have written a Django app and obviously you want to test it, the filesystem structure is something like the following:

PS/2 protocol

In this post I will experiment with the PS/2 port, for now is a work in progress probably will be completed in a not far future.

Let's encrypt

Let’s encrypt is the new thing in town: allows a seamless procedure for obtaining TLS certificates; and it’s free ;)