Modern cryptography: exercises chapter 3 'Private-key encryption'

These are some solved exercises of chapter 3 of the book “Introduction to modern cryptography” (second edition) by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell. For chapter 2 go here.

Notes on JavaScriptCore

In this post I want to add some pratical notes (and maybe a new tool) to the paper from saelo about exploiting modern browsers; in particular I’ll focus on Webkit and as in his paper, I’ll deep dive into the source code of that version of webkit.

Configuring a IpSec VPN (fortigate client)

I was in need to have a working VPN with Fortigate and here I’m going to recollect the procedure that has permited to accomplish such simple but incredibly complex task.

VGA controller simulation with verilator

In my two previous posts I implemented a simple VGA controller and one with the text mode but now I want to explore the possibility to simulate it using verilator.

Reversing the USB update process of a device

I’m again at it: I have a device that I want to know how it works and I started to reverse it, this time without any particular reason if not curiosity.