Create root filesystems for embedded systems

All is started from this link where a good boy shared some images in order to start to put hands on esotic architectures.

Writeup CTF RHME3: exploitation

Also this year there will be a CTF from Riscure mainly targeted for hardware security people, but before that, from the 8th of August until the 28th there was the qualification phase: three challenges to solve in order to qualify and to receive a physical board with the real challenges.

Debricking an HG553 with EJTAG using a Bus Pirate


Installing bootloader into ATMega328p

This is a standard thing to do with an ATMega328p, the core of the Arduino development board: burn a bootloader into it and then use a UART over USB connection to flash code into it.

Mojo FPGA development board

I have a new shiny toy, a Mojo V3 development board: it’s primarly intended as FPGA playground, but what’s this FPGA you are talking about?