VGA controller simulation with verilator

In my two previous posts I implemented a simple VGA controller and one with the text mode but now I want to explore the possibility to simulate it using verilator.

Reversing the USB update process of a device

I’m again at it: I have a device that I want to know how it works and I started to reverse it, this time without any particular reason if not curiosity.

QED formulary

\(\def\Tr{\hbox{Tr}}\) \(\def\slashme#1{\rlap{\backslash}{#1}}\) \(\def\pslash{\rlap{\backslash}{p}}\) \(\def\partialslash{\rlap{\backslash}{\partial}}\)

CVE-2020-8423: exploiting the TP-LINK TL-WR841N V10 router

In this post I’ll explore the vulnerability that I found in the TL-WR841N router, a MIPS device by TP-Link, during a code auditing and how I wrote an exploit for it. To this vulnerability has been assigned the CVE-2020-8423.

CVE-2020-9544: DLink DSL-2640B un-authenticated firmware upgrade

This is a post about CVE-2020-9544 that involves the router DSL-2640B by D-Link. I did a simple security assessment on a my old specimen because I changed ISP and this allowed me to change router.