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blog migration to Nikola

After running for a couple of years using jekill as a static site generator I decided to switch to nikola for a couple of reasons: first of all because is implemented in python, a language that I know more than ruby and this allows me to improve the platform and customize it more to suite my needs.

For example now is possible to describe circuit directly in the post and have a beautiful svg image to be generated for me, for example using schemdraw, the following code

{{% pyplots %}}
import matplotlib

import schemdraw
from schemdraw import elements as elm

d = schemdraw.Drawing()
d += elm.Ground()
d += elm.SourceV().label('500mV')

d += elm.Resistor().right().label('20k$\Omega$')
d += (Vin := elm.Dot())
d += elm.Line().length(.5)
d += (O1 := elm.Opamp().anchor('in1'))
d += elm.Line().left().length(0.75).at(O1.in2)
d += elm.Ground()
d += elm.Line().up().at(Vin.start).length(2)
d += elm.Resistor().right().label('100k$\Omega$')
d += elm.Line().down().toy(O1.out)
d += elm.Dot()
d += elm.Line().right().at(O1.out).length(5)
d += (O2 := elm.Opamp().anchor('in2'))
d += (Vin2 := elm.Line().left().at(O2.in1).length(0.5))
d += elm.Dot()
d += elm.Resistor().left().label('30k$\Omega$')
d += elm.Ground()
d += elm.Line().up().at(Vin2.end).length(1.5)
d += elm.Resistor().right().label('90k$\Omega$')
d += elm.Line().down().toy(O2.out)
d += elm.Dot()
d += elm.Line().right().at(O2.out).length(1).label('$v_{out}$', loc='rgt')
{{% /pyplots %}}

generates this image:

or the following code (using wavedrom)

{{% wavedrom %}}
{ "signal": [
 { "name": "CK",   "wave": "P.......",                                              "period": 2  },
 { "name": "CMD",  "wave": "x.3x=x4x=x=x=x=x", "data": "RAS NOP CAS NOP NOP NOP NOP", "phase": 0.5 },
 { "name": "ADDR", "wave": "x.=x..=x........", "data": "ROW COL",                     "phase": 0.5 },
 { "name": "DQS",  "wave": "z.......0.1010z." },
 { "name": "DQ",   "wave": "z.........5555z.", "data": "D0 D1 D2 D3" }
{{% /wavedrom %}}

generates instead this

This is the specification.


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