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migrating to a static blogging platform

I've always used self hosting platform for my various blogs that I maintained during the years, the first one written using PHP (oh boy) until the last one that was developed in Django.

Because maintaing a blog platform is time consuming and probably not worth doing, now I'm migrating to a static platform (i.e. Github's pages); a reason is that a complete blogging platform is overkilling: I need only one account and I don't need a database, a filesystem data storage is more than enough (morever now is a Github's problem the performance) and the Markdown syntax is the format I'm using the most in the last period: Indeed you can find a lot of stuffs under my gist's related pages and probably some of them will become a day a post here.

Consider also the cost of updating the infrastructure and avoid compromission from external entities; the backup is automatic and if some reader find a typo a pull request is welcome from the repository.

There are of course some aspect that I have to consider: for the comments I will use Disqus that allows me to make it indipendent from the platform itself (I know that this esposes my reader to external tracking but my advice is to use some not-track-me tecnology like Adblock plus). BTW not much people commented my posts :P

Another aspect is the SSL: i would like to serve the pages with a secure connection; Github obviously doesn't have a proper certificate for a domain owned by me, a solution could be using CloudFlare but this will require to change the DNS servers that manage my domain and I'm not ok with that.

So probably in the near future I will move the compiled pages to a server of mine

P.S: if you like me have a page that is at the top domain (not, you know, a www like subdomain) you can encounter some problems with the DNS settings for other services like email, in that case you must set a A entry in the DNS configuration, not a CNAME one; in this page are indicated the IP addresses to use.


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