Add unitests to a Django application

Suppose you have written a Django app and obviously you want to test it, the filesystem structure is something like the following:

PS/2 protocol

In this post I will experiment with the PS/2 port, for now is a work in progress probably will be completed in a not far future.

Let's encrypt

Let’s encrypt is the new thing in town: allows a seamless procedure for obtaining TLS certificates; and it’s free ;)

Restore backup and move mail server

We all know that backup are essential, but your backup procedure is tested? I mean, you have ever tried to restore a service?

Manage processes in a web application

Suppose we have the following architecture for our web application: a standard python web application (can be anything, Django, Flask or a custom WSGI code) where nginx communicates with it using an unix socket by the uwsgi protocol as indicated in the diagram below